Digital transformation of the Real Estate industry is no longer just an option.

We are Proptech Foundation

Proptech Foundation was founded by a group of Real Estate innovation leaders in Poland. We are fully committed to both build exceptional value for our customers and partners as well as the whole Real Estate industry. Our goal is to foster the digital change to make our lives, work, cities, business and environment better through digital innovations. 

What we do

We are a modern, agile, industry specialised foundation focused on a human centric digital transformation of the Commercial Real Estate with the use of state of the art technology and support from top notch partners.

We collaborate with leaders and pioneers building the biggest local, regional and global network of Proptech oriented organisations.

We analyse the digital trends with the biggest impact on the Commercial Real Estate Industry and facilitate the process of turning insights into valuable products and services.

We help our Members to prepare their organisations for the change, foster building innovative, employee engaging company culture.

We provide the knowledge and partners to understand collected data and turn them in the new revenue streams to gain operational excellence and provide exceptional customer experience.

Strategic & Tech Partners

The digital change is a multi level, sophisticated cross departament process. It engages not only Technology, Innovation and IT teams but in the same time HR, Legal, Marketing and all Management levels. We link our Members with top notch Strategic and Technology Partners whose experts are fully committed to the process of digitisation the Real Estate industry. We foster collaboration by a set of joined projects, formats and both technical and market awareness programs.

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Enablement Areas

We will focus on three key change areas to be enabled and facilitated within our Member’s organisations. We are launching a set of formats and initiatives involving our Strategic Partners and best of breed local and global experts.


People and knowledge exchange

The biggest Proptech and CRE innovation community. Knowledge and inspiration exchange platform for all Real Estate market players, operational managers, technology providers, mentors, experts. To drive the change we have to design new tools, implement new company culture and change your employee mindsets. Starting in Poland and reaching out to our regional and global peers and networks.


Business and Operational Impact

Together we build new innovative CRE product and service concepts with a massive support from our Strategic Partners and their experts. We scout and evaluate Polish, regional and global startups in the search of a real business value and hot just tech hype. Our members get access to rapid technology testing and evaluation platform to quickly build new solutions for their clients.


Inspiration, tools, processes and mindset

It’s never about the technology itself! CRE needs to quickly adapt new methods of working, new tools and best practices from other advanced industries and experts from pioneering project and organisations. We launch a tailored CRE Digital Transformation Academy for both C-level and Operational management to foster internal change and speed up digital innovation adoption. 

Founder Board

Proptech Foundation Founders Board is a C-level hand picked council of most impactful managers and experts representing the CRE industry in Poland. Only the Board or our Founding Member organisations may recommend representatives to be evaluated and voted to become part of the unit. The Founders Board sets the Foundation priorities and have direct impact on the initiatives the Community will engage as well as have exclusive and priority access to most up to date Proptech insights, technology leads and opportunities and best of breed expert support from our Strategic Partners and collaborating global networks.

Sebastian Proć

HB Reavis

Tomasz Trzósło

Krzysztof Misiak

Cushman & Wakefield

Waldemar Olbryk


Jarosław Czechowicz


Mariusz Kondraciuk


Krzysztof Cipiur

Knight Frank

Artur Apostoł


Jacek Levernes


Tomasz Podolak


Monika Rajska- Wolińska


Katarzyna Zawodna- Bijoch


Jolanta Nowakowska- Zimoch

Greenberg Traurig

Michał Białas


Łukasz Mazurczak


Mateusz Bonca


Magdalena Szulc


Barbara Topolska

CPI Property Group

Daniel Bienias


Jarosław Bator

NDI Development

Daniel Puchalski



The Ecosystem

The power of the Proptech Foundation’s Future CRE Community comes from the trust and commitment as well as the smart structure. The Founding Board sets the priorities, tailors the annual strategy and reviews the benefits and projects undertaken. Strategic Partners provide technology, experts and know how to the Community.

There is no CRE change without deep collaboration with cities and local governments therefore we bind all our formats and projects to the concept of Future Cities and Future Living. The startup and scale-up chapter brings new solutions and products. Academic and Innovation Hubs deliver cutting edge technologies, recent global insights and research, knowledge, talent pool and innovation development environment.


There won’t be a better moment to speed up the digital transformation of the Commercial Real Estate. This highly competitive industry is tightly bound to data based decision making yet have no proper tools nor talent and knowledge to fully benefit from the data gathered. New generations enter the market as employees, residents, managers, investors bringing new thinking models, new work methods, digital habits and expectations. The CRE industry need to adapt quickly to embrace the digital opportunity. We come from technology, user/customer experience and business consulting world to facilitate the change and help those who will join the Future CRE Community and become our Founding Members.

Bartosz Dobrowolski


Over 15 years experience in consulting, vision development, innovative product design, sales, presales and business process optimisation.

Katarzyna Gądek

Programme Manager

Advertising and events expert, mature project manager focused on integrated marketing. 9 years of experience developing brands and kicking of new products.

Michał Kozłowski


Business developer and digital transformation leader. Country Head in the leading cybersecurity company, Over 15 years in technology research and advisory.

Key Future CRE Initiatives


Proptech Sandbox

Prototyping and rapidly testing new technologies and solution is the fastest way to build your competitive edge and optimize your business with modern solutions and tech based products and services. Proptech Sandbox, based on technology deployment best practices and ready to use Proof of Concept framework let our Members not only gather new technologies but quickly validate their business value without much hassle and operational costs. It consists of location pool (retail, office, residential, urban, logistics), a directory of technology supporting companies and a toolbox enabling fast paced value based Proof of Concept projects.


Proptech HUB

In collaboration with Cambridge Innovation Center we are launching Proptech HUB – the Commercial Real Estate expertise gravitation spot in CEE region. With our Community and Partners we are co-creating the biggest innovation campus in Europe with access to global CIC network and expert pool and tailored initiatives dedicated to innovators, startups and solution designers. There also will be over 700m2 Proptech specialized flex office space for dedicated teams of companies who want to be the first to know and do in terms of the digital transformation of the industry. Proptech HUB will be an incredible source of digital talent that can not be overlooked.


CRE Digital Academy

For the real change Commercial Real Estate has to quickly catch up on new tools and management standards and stay on top of the Proptech game. It’s about new company culture sparking innovation and engaging employees in the change process. It’s about working on clients’ mindsets and constantly challenging the whole organisation structure and processes. The CRE Digital Transformation is a globally unique practical educational programme tailored to help our members adapt to the new reality, learn new tools and apply them to their businesses. In collaboration with our Partners we launch two parallel streams for C-level management (trends & strategy) and operational staff (tools, inspirations, hands on workshops).

Get Involved

There are several ways your organisation, employees and clients can benefit from the Proptech Foundation initiative. Depending on your company maturity and strategy you can either shape the market and lead the change taking part in pioneering projects or benefit from insights, research and knowledge exchange formats.

Founding Member

If you are a CRE company you can become a Founding Member company that will allow your C-Level management representative to join the Founding Board and designated operational manager to be part of the Expert Board. You will have first access to all resources, technologies, Proptech Sandbox and rapid technology testing framework, Digital Transformation Academy, access to experts and direct support from our Strategic Partners.

Strategic Partner

If you are a tech provider or a consulting company working in the CRE field you can become our Strategic Partner and get curated access to the community (Code of Conduct based) and be part of our joined projects led together with the leaders of the CEE Real Estate market. Your selected manager will join the Expert Board and become a mentor to the CRE Community and advisor to the Founders Board.

Community Member

If you are a Proptech Startup or you are not yet ready for commitment you can simply apply to become a standard member of the biggest Future Real Estate community and be part of a range of tailored formats and community meetups and projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a Founding Member?

To become a Founding Member you have to be a well established Commercial Real Estate company (an agency, an investor, a developer, etc) ready to take active part in the Community live to lead the change and pioneer. You will get access to all our initiatives and we will be there for you in the process of change with a strong support of the Strategic Partner pool. To deliver value and ensure the highest level of service we decided to limit the number of Founding Members. Please apply using the application form and we will be with you promptly with the membership fee offer and the benefits.

How to become a Strategic Partner?

Enter your answer to the question here. Make sure thIf you are a technology provider or a consulting or service company committed or even better fully focused on the Commercial Real Estate industry we are more than happy to meet you. We will walk you through the business opportunities the Proptech Foundation have for your organisation as well as the membership fee and the Code of Conduct. Please apply using the application form and we will be with you promptly. e writing is clear and concise, and helps visitors get the support they need in the most efficient way. Consider elaborating with examples or visual aids to ensure all users fully understand the information.

How can I join the Future CRE Community?​

Joining the Future CRE Community is free and easy! To become an active member you have to represent a Real Estate company (a broker, an investor, a property manager, a developer, etc). After receiving your application form we will get back to you to verify and evaluate your membership.

Why Foundation?

Working in a highly competitive market requires the highest confidence and transparency. We believe that only an open organization created by a team not affiliated with any real estate company can be a trusted partner in the process of this critical digital change. Although the foundation has some limitations, no other form of cooperation provides a similar level of transparency.